Happy birthday Eric

ottobre 26, 2010

This is the first post I write in English on here, and I’ve got a good reason to do so. Today is Eric Battle’s birthday! I know you really don’t give a crap about this, but since he doesn’t have any profile on the web and his family somehow dislikes me for no reasonable reason (so I can’t send him postcards or letters), this is the only way for me to wish him a happy birthday. Ironically this post is potentially able to reach anyone in this world. Anyone but him, Eric.

Just to do some boring monologue, I’ll say a few words about him.

Who’s Eric? Eric is kind of my best American friend, he lives in Anniston, AL, and is 17 now. Well, I’m 21 so I’m not that much older than him. We met in Wellborn High School in August 2006, probably on the 10th, when the school year started (was it a Thursday?!). We had only one class together: P.E. That class really sucked, I was the oldest kid in the gym during 2nd period, but still I made some pretty cool friends, and among them there was Eric, this little, frail, lively young man who soon became one of the most valuable people I met during that year as an exchange student. At that time I had so many other things in my mind that I scarcely understood the importance of having such an amazing friend. I have a lot of good memories with Eric and I’m so fond of him now that it breaks my heart every time I recall the facts that happened this year. Just to cut a long story short, this year I went back to Alabama to see my family#2 and my friends again, just like I did last year. One day I went all the way from my house to Eric’s under the hottest sun and when I knocked at his grandfather’s door (since Eric wasn’t at home) there that redneck called Charles, Eric’s grandfather, stepped out of his door with a serious face and told me that he didn’t want me and Eric to be friends and that from that moment on I wouldn’t be welcome to knock at his door ever again.

In desperate sorrow, nearly crying for the rage burning within my heart, I went back home. But things were not meant to go as that redneck thought. A few days later I went to Wellborn High School to say hello to all my teachers, and guess who I found there wandering around the hall? Yeah, that’s right! Eric. What a coincidence! He stopped, my soul clasped his like it never did before and we talked. I remember what he said, his apologies for his grandfather’s impolite words. And only then did I realize how different my Eric is from those rednecks living in Alabama, living with him. His dreams fly higher than anyone else’s in that city.

I can’t be prouder of Eric. What has become without me in these years is just amazing. He is fighting against his family’s closemindedness without letting them know, succeeding. That’s my boy becoming a man.

Therefore I would like to wish him once again to spend the happiest birthday with his friends and family. I just hope that, somehow, a voice will tell him “Today Stefano is close to you as much as he’s always been”. I really do think about him a lot, wondering how he’s doing in the barren lands of Alabama, if he’s making good grades at school, even if he’s still alive. I have to tell you, I confess, that every time I turn to God for my prayers I always pray for him,and for his spirit to stay strong although oppressed by his relatives’ overwhelming cares. He is my beacon in that land, one of the reasons why I keep going back there. He is my friend.

Happy birthday Eric!


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  1. Para escribir algo como esto a tu amigo Eric significa que tienes un gran corazón, tu eres un amigo maravilloso.


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